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For over thirty years Bais Yisroel-Goldys has proudly come to be the quintessential intersection of kashrus, quality and innovation.


The Badatz Eida HaCharades, supervises all of our food preparation and service. This includes our own 2 simchah halls and our large take out facility. 


Our immaculate kitchen is under the strict certification of the Misrad Habriut and we service many government offices as well as many city and state officials. 


Goldys is far more than your local take out. We pride ourselves in being the largest take out in Israel. It is an understatement to say that our menu is extensive. If you are looking for just coleslaw and a roasted chicken there are plenty of places you can go. Bais Yisroel offers over 85 types of salads, 30 side dishes, 40 main dishes, 30 types of fish, and a full range of deli, herring, soups, challah, cakes, desserts and more. What we show you here is just a sampling.


Our brand new "superstore" located in the heart of Jerusalem is the talk of the town. In full "Pomegranate style", our new store demonstrates that New York is not the last stop in style and taste. Come shop in our store and you will be wowed!!


Selection and quantity are not the only things that set us apart; all of our foods are prepared with love by some of the most prestigious chefs in Israel. With sheer brilliance, our chefs combine the tastes you remember from Bubby's house with a modern twist to create some of the finest and tastiest dishes you will ever eat.


Excellent service, attention to the finest details and mouthwatering food has already put Goldys on the map in Jerusalem and beyond, and now we have brought our service to a whole new level. With the introduction of ShabbosKodesh.com we offer you a tremendous selection of kosher cuisine and everything you will need to make your Shabbos more relaxing. From candles to Kiddush cups; paper goods and nuts; wine and candy, and much, much more.


All this can be ordered from this website and delivered to your apartment, hotel or suite; or picked up at our centrally located main branch. 


Our user friendly website will guide you smoothly through a wide selection of menus and options. By spending fifteen minutes now from the comfort of your own home, you will be guaranteeing yourself a hassle free and most enjoyable Shabbos. 


Without further ado, we introduce to you ShabbosKodesh.com!

All hechsheirim are Badatz Eida Chareidis
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