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Dear Dovid and SK Team,
The food was great and Elchanan's presentation of the food was also great. Our guests were all happy and we made sure to spread the "SK Word".
 Elchanan has an amazing touch and we are grateful for all you helped us with and referring us to him....both meals were truly beautiful and memorable.
 Your concept of service could be a lesson for anyone who interacts professionally with the public.
 Of course, now it is up to the young couple and we look forward to nachas from them.
 Avi and Judi Wisebrod
 Toronto Canada
Dear ShabbosKodesh,
I never had the chance to tell you how amazing the food was. I am sure you threw some extras in there! There was so much food it lasted us until the shabbos after the second yom tov days. It was so delicious, convenient and well organized. I think I spent the same as I would have if I would have cooked, but we just didn't over eat. I would do it again next year, even if I wasn't getting off the plane from Australia. Thank you so much,
Blessings to you and your family.
The Silber's
Dear Dovid,
I am back in the States now and I just wanted to thank you for the food for the Shabbaton. The food was delicious and the boys were very happy. Hope we can try it again in the future. Good Shabbos and a Happy Channukah!
Sincerely, Renee Friedman
Hi Dovid,
I just wanted to thank you so much for the delicious food! Yitzie and the guys said it was great. You were a pleasure to work with and we appreciate your help in making shabbos in Israel so wonderful! Hope all is well.
Nancy Pretter
Baltimore MD
Thanks again for the delicious food and amazing service!!!
Dina Fruend
Your service is great and much appreciated.
Thank you,
David Botnick
Hi - everything last week was delicious!
Fran Hirmes
Everything was delicious! Thank you,
Rena Zakheim--NY
Shavua Tov. 
It was delicious
Thanks so much!!
Sari Drazin
As always, your service is amazing.  what a treat to receive this bountiful package at MY place for a change!!
thanks so much.
Roxanne Abrams
Big raves last night!
Very generous portions.
Thank you,
Shabbat shalom,
Leah Silver,
Teaneck NJ
We just finished our gathering, and what can I say - the seudah truly carried the evening! The food was delicious, tasted great, and the quantity was perfect! It was a real hit. Plus everything arrived packed so neatly, and clean, and perfect timing too.  
Thanks for all your patience with the menu planning and getting the order underway! We really appreciate everything involved!
Many thanks,
The Krumbeins 
Every single item that we ordered was utterly delicious! I wanted to thank you for all the great food! All that I served was finished till the last drop.     It was very much appreciated, and I look foward to continue buying! Chag Sameach and TODA!
Gitty Goldschmidt
Thank you so much for the shabbos food. It was delicious and enjoyed by all.
I will defninitely recommend you to others.
Thank you for enhancing our simcha.

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