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Warning: Things are about to get kugelicious.

Shabbos from dips to dessert

Rated 5 stars.

(By your mother-in-law)

Celebrating a simcha? Hosting your einekelach? Plain old hungry? Here's what you get when you order

Chef-developed dishes crafted with top-quality ingredients. Geshmak.
Supervised by the Eidah Hachareidis in our gleaming, industrial kitchen. (#humblebrag)
Quick and easy online ordering. No hassle, no fuss
Packages delivered with care, where you need it, when you need it.
Attentive and friendly staff who are always here to help.
Gleaming industrial kitchens (that ace all government health standards.)

Uhuh, now you're perking up. Consistently delicious food. Hassle-free ordering. Reliable delivery. Human beings that answer the phone. And reply to emails. And give great recommendations. (Do you see where we're going with this?)

Hungry yet? Push this buttonקראו עוד על Uhuh

Order quickly. Enjoy slowly.

In 3 easy (shmeazy) steps.

Fill your cart with Shabbos goodies.

(Don't forget the herring. 🐠)

Select your preferred delivery date.

(Thursday night cholent anyone?)

Enjoy every bite.

(Singing zemiros optional, but recommended.)

  • Shabbos for 2, 20 or 2000

Shabbos for 2, 20 or 2000

From small to large-with-a-chance-of-bochurim-crashing, we cater any event.

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  • #cholentloverforlife


Students across Jerusalem favor our fare—that's why tens of parents place yeshiva and seminary orders with us, weekly.

read more about #cholentloverforlifeForget the candy platter. Send your kids real food


We don't promise pekelach, but we do offer a weekly taste of There's always something simmering (and it's not just the chicken soup.) Warning: This may possibly be the most delicious email in your inbox.
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