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1. Use of the website including all its content and services offered, is provided to you subject to your acceptance of all conditions noted in this Terms of Use.

2. Your use of the website and/ or registration as a subscriber to receive its services, will be considered an agreement on your part to these Terms of Use.

3. The website management is permitted to immediately suspend, block, or cease anyone using the service in the case of them violating the Terms of Use.

4. The website management is permitted to update the Terms of Use from time to time.

5. No use may be made of, or through, the website for illegal purposes.

6. Registration as a subscriber is intended for those ages 18 and up. When registering you declare that you are indeed above the age of 18.

7. Registration on the website is for the personal and exclusive use of the person registering. The person registering may allow another person of his choice to use the website. It is obligatory to ensure all personal details needed for registration and for ongoing contact with the subscriber are accurate.

9. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of any information you publish or transfer through the website. The website management does not accept any responsibility for the content published or transferred between subscribers.

10. No commercial use may be made of the website by sending advertisements or in any other manner.

11. You hereby declare that it is known to you that the website management does not have the ability or possibility of checking, filtering, or screening the subscribers registered on the website.

12. An order may be cancelled and/ or changed by telephone and/ or email only during the operating hours of our customer service call center. The operating hours will change from time to time and be published on the website, with no need for advance notice, and in accordance with the considerations of Changes in “same day” orders can be made within one hour of placing the order; changes in advance orders can be made up until one day before the order is supplied, during the operating hours. Once the order is received, the customer will be charged the full price and the order cannot be returned.

14. The website management intend that the website and its services will be available at all times. However, the website management cannot commit to the website’s continuous operation without problems or being “down”. Likewise, the website management is permitted to suspend website use from time to time for maintenance or renovation. No financial/ credit compensation will be given for website problems or suspension.

15. All intellectual property rights and copyrights regarding the website belong to the website management.

16. The presence of links to other websites does not serve as an endorsement regarding the content of these websites, regarding their reliability, perfection, or any other criteria.

17. retains all the customer details with the goal of providing better service and understanding all the needs of our customers. The company will not make any use of, or pass on, these details, except for purposes of marketing to our customers.

18. Customer details will be passed on to a third party only with the customer’s authorization or for company marketing purposes or due to legal requirements. An additional possibility is that you are outside the defined distribution areas and you asked to receive your order through a delivery company to which the customer’s details and address will be supplied in accordance with the delivery requirements.

19. This website employs systems and accepted practices for protection of the stored information, with the goal of reducing undesired infiltration. At the same time, it is made clear that the actions we take for information protection do not provide complete protection. In light of the aforementioned, cannot commit that the information and everything included in the website and the services it provides is immune to unauthorized access to them, and it cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not achieve access to the information provided and/ or gathered regarding the users. Therefore, we recommend that our users exercise caution when providing information through the internet in general, and before providing information as aforementioned to the website the risks and benefits involved in supplying the aforementioned information should be considered.

20. Credit card payment details are presented only to the relevant credit card companies.

21. As a company customer, you will be sent updates by email or mail regarding products which may interest you. The user is permitted to cancel his agreement to this at any time by submitting a written notification regarding this to at the email will operate in accordance with to the user notification, within 7 working days from when the aforementioned notification was received. It is clarified that as long as has not received a request for removal from the aforementioned database and/ or mailing list, does not examine the relevancy and accuracy of the details provided by the user and/ or the relevance of mailing any advertising material to that user, and it will be allowed to make use of the details collected in in accordance with its considerations, as noted above in this document.

22. Israeli law will apply to these Terms of Use. Any matter arising from this agreement shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of a competent court in Jerusalem.