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The Scoop

(Get it? Scoop? Like ice cream. Scoop. Ok whatever.)



I’m Dovid.


Been in the food biz for 15+ years. 


What can I do for you? came to this page to find out more about me?


OK, sure, I get it. You’re the curious type. I appreciate that.

Ok, here goes; 


  • Grew up in New York.
  • Mother and Father are wicked Chefs (not for a living).
  • Got married, moved to Israel. 
  • Did not have a dream to make chopped liver for the masses. 
  • Opened a teeny weeny store in Yerushalayim.
  • People started calling.
  • We were bought out by Amazon.
  • My brother Eli, who is a lawyer in Baltimore, had bought the domain for absolutely no other reason than to tell people he owns a site with that name. 
  • In 2011 we “borrowed” the domain and opened the first Israeli-based Shabbos Food website. 
  • New Site built in 2021. 
  • I'm not the owner, just the mascot. Which is great for me because I sleep at night.
  • We have a team of around 15-20 chefs, sous-chefs, and sous-sous chefs that create all of our awesome food.
  • In a sentence: We deliver an enormous variety of fresh food every Shabbos.
  • I hate the word “foodie” but I do enjoy all food-related activities.
  • Favorite Color: Bright Yellow. Bright.
  • Favorite Food: Ice Coffee. Challa and dips on Friday night. No brainer.

OK, that’s enough about me 

Now tell me all about you!


What’s that? 


You love Shabbos food?


Stress-free Friday afternoons? Delicious dishes? Hosting without the hassle?


Yalla. You’ve come to the right place. 

Oneg Shabbos is just a few clicks away.